Dress Code / Equipment
Dress Code and Equipment
The primary reason for playing golf at Pukekohe is to have fun and enjoy the company of your mates. This aside, the club does require a minimum standard on what can be worn on the golf course and in the club rooms. These are detailed below.
Whatever you wear make sure that it is comfortable and not too hot or cold as the weather can change while playing for four or more hours over 18 holes.
As soon as you have decided golf is for you, buy a pair of good waterproof and soft spiked golf shoes. These are available at a cost effective price in the ProShop.
Good shoes are as important as good clubs for any golfer as you spend a lot of time walking in varying conditions.
It is important to buy a golf umbrella and a set of golf waterproofs, because play does not stop for the rain. To look smart and feel comfortable, check the range of clothing in the ProShop.
We encourage players to buy and wear Pukekohe Golf Club hats, shirts and jumpers because the golf club makes a small profit and it helps the club to become known.
Please remind your guests of the golf club dress code before they turn up for a game and if you are playing golf at another club check that you will not infringe their dress code.
Pukekohe Golf Club Dress Standards
All players and guests are to conform to the following dress standards. Club officials, the Golf Professional and his staff have the Club’s authority to monitor dress standards to ensure that all players guests and caddies comply.
For Women
On the course: Neat and tidy attire such as trousers, dress jeans, skirts or tailored shorts with socks and sports shirts.
In the Clubhouse: Neat and tidy attire requested. Dress sandals are permitted.
Beach, boxer or rugby type shorts, singlets, clothing that is scruffy or with unsightly or obscene slogans or graphics, tank tops, tracksuits, non-leather jandals or bare feet.
For Men
On the Course: Neat and tidy attire which includes shirts, sports trousers, dress jeans or dress shorts. If wearing shorts then wear tidy socks. Boat shoes, leather jandals and dress sandals without socks are permitted.
In the Clubhouse: Same but not those worn on the course.
Work jeans, tracksuits, singlets, football jerseys, clothing that is scruffy or with unsightly or obscene slogans or graphics, tank tops, board, boxer, rugby type shorts, jandals or bare feet.
Footwear Men & Women
Non-metal spiked golf shoes are recommended to be worn at all times on the course but these should not be worn in the clubhouse. Flat soled athletic/running shoes are acceptable however boat shoes, jandals, shoes with ripple soles are not.