Club Centenary
The Club celebrated its centenary from 27-31st March 2012.
It was a great success with great weather and full fields for all of the events or functions. Everyone went away with renewed and new friendships based around their experiences at the Club.
Central to the celebration was the Centennial Book which records the club's history from the start. So that everyone can get an understanding of the club's history we have linked the book to this website.
The book is in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view it. It is quite a large file (12.5MB) so depending on your internet connection speed it may take a few moments to download.
Click on the image below and read the book at your leisure.
Our History
The Pukekohe Golf Club's life up to the present day can be divided into two clearly defined periods. When it started in 1912 it had a nomadic existence for the first 25 years. It went from place to place, from dairy farm to dairy farm, to the A&P Showground’s and onto the Franklin Racecourse.
Never on a golf course of its own, it was kept alive by those who were determined to play golf. The playing conditions were primitive. The golf club during that first period was the embryo of what was to become the real Pukekohe Golf Club that is on over 100 acreas of prime Karaka farmland.
This was followed by almost 75 years to the present day, during which the golf club has been located at its own golf course. The golf course now is considered to be one of the most challenging golf courses in Auckland with well established trees throughout the course. There are three lakes with fountains with wide open greens.