Explore Our Region
Pukekohe is part of Auckland's Southern Country - an area is made up in the region between Beachlands down to Miranda and across to the Awhitu Peninsula down to part Waikato. It has many places to explore and experience. These include the magnificent views from the Awhitu Lighthouse and the Nikau Caves on one side to the Miranda Hot Pools and numerous bush walks in the reserves around Kaiauia. Spookers will scare the pants off you. Try the Motzarella cheese beside the Duder Regional Park, try the veges at Bombay, the breads in Pukekohe, the olive oil at Simonovich’s and numerous vineyards.
Try the spas, glamping and function centre at Castaways at Karioitahi Beach, surprise yourself with the quality of the Tuakau Hotel or LaValla. There are many other accommodation sources once you look for them. Try the new Boomrock Kauri Bay function centre. Again, you will be amazed at what is available around this area.
We are the home of the V8’s. Say no more.
Despite all of these attractions, most people do not know they exist and this page is a small part about changing that. A small taste of what is available can be seen on www.franklincountry.com